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About this podium and table set (with AR film and covers) Get free covers when you order this, our most popular combination.  You will see it at large churches like Hillsong Church and many smaller churches. It is the most popular because while all churches are different, this suits a... more
About this church pulpit and table set (with AG film and covers) Get free covers when you order this pulpit and table package.  This Arc pulpit is adjustable in height, making it suitable for use by people in wheelchairs or people who are very tall. It was somewhat of an engineering... more
About this church pulpit: This Arc2 is a world leading, Australian made church lectern. The Arc2 is found in churches from 25 to 18,000 people in Singapore, NZ, Canada, Korea, the UK and the USA and is seen on TV on Australia’s Hillsong and other well known churches. It is one of the most... more
About this church podium for sale: This is the Arc2 pulpit with anti glare film. The minimalist, sleek and elegant design of this lectern has made it Australia’s best selling modern church lectern. The anti reflective film (also know as anti glare) stops reflections onto a projector... more
About this church podium for sale:   This is the Arc2 with a 70cm wide clear top. It is our second most popular podium for sale. The larger top means you have room for an open book of A4 notes and a bible but the lectern is still easy to lift with one hand.  We make it here in... more
About this podium for sale: This is our bestseller and most popular podium for sale. Known for designer simplicity and superior quality, we continue to sell more of these than any other pulpit. The Arc2 with 70cm/28” wide top with anti glare film has been a favourite of big churches like... more
About this TALL pulpit: If you are 6’4” (190cm) or taller, you may find this pulpit more comfortable. Our regular pulpits are designed to suit a wide range of people, however tall preachers ( 6’4” and above) may find them a bit short.   For many years, we offered a custom height... more
About this adjustable podium for sale: This is the adjustable version of the 70cm/28” wide Arc2 pulpit with an anti glare top. Suitable for use by people in wheelchairs or people who are very tall. After proving to be an engineering challenge, this lectern has five different height positions... more
About this podium with microphone: This is the Arc2 podium for sale with minimalist microphone mounts. The mounts allow you to have one or two microphones or a microphone and a light. We spent 5 years trying different solutions for the most minimal microphone mounting possible. We wanted a... more
About this adjustable podium with microphone inputs: This pulpit has a lot to offer. It is the stunning Adjustable Arc2 podium for sale, with microphone mounts. The precision engineered Adjustable Arc2, with 5 different height settings and 2 high quality and specifically designed microphone... more
About this Arc Water Table: This table has been designed to suit the Arc2 lectern. This water table is 28" (70cm) high rather than a normal coffee table which is 18" (44cm) high. This means that items are within easy reach of the preacher, without being so high that items are distracting.... more
About this church furniture Arc water table: Most churches that purchase the Arc2 podium also purchase this table. This table is designed to suit the Arc2 podium. It is to be used for a water glass, jug, laptop computer and other resources like books and CD’s. This table is 28" (70cm) high... more
About this Arc Preachers table: A new generation of pastors are finding their own style of preaching. Sometimes this means sitting down to preach or not using a lectern at all. If either of these styles appeal to you, then the Arc Preachers Table will be perfect for you. This Arc Preachers... more
About this Arc Preachers table: This is the Preacher Table with the added feature of anti glare film. The Preachers Table is a prevalent choice among up and coming preachers. It works well if you want to preach with an iPad.   More about this Arc Preachers table: This Arc Preachers... more
About this Arc communion table: If you want all of your church furniture, especially the pieces seen on stage, to ‘talk the same language’ then this communion table is a perfect fit. Understated and elegant by design, this communion table offers style and function whilst not distracting from... more
About this table top pulpit: This is a 60cm/24” wide pulpit for using on top of a desk or table. This is the Arc pulpit in a useful tabletop version. Stephen Procter originally designed it for the family court in Sydney, although today, it is now widely used in many situations, from... more
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