Glass Pulpits

Glass Pulpits

The pulpit has changed a lot over the years.

It remains, however, a useful and necessary part of coroporate, teaching and church life. Whether you are a neverous one-time speaker or a seasoned orator, a pulpit needs to serve you well and look good. But not too good. You don't want it to be a distraction from what you are saying. Our acrylic pulpits (often called glass pulpits) are minimal yet elegant. They fit into a huge variety of interiors, from the ultra modern to the beautifully traditional. They are easy to move around and add to (rather than distract from) the message being conveyed.

Our speciality is pulpits for modern churches. We focus on this area because we want to make the best possible for this purpose.

This doesn't mean we have been tempted in the past to get into seating and so on (we know this could do with a makeover). However this would mean taking our focus away from improving our existing product.

What about the need for glass pulpits in the corporate area?
Yes there is certainly a need for great looking glass pulpits in the context outside the sanctuary. In fact many of our products are used at business events. It's just that the features of our podiums make them the most suitable for churches with modern facilities.

We found that if we tried to make pulpits that suited everybody in every situation they weren't that good for anybody. For example if we made a large area at the front where you could insert an advertising panel, that would be great in a marketing conference, but not so good in a church where there is a trend towards transparency. In addition, this would make the pulpits heavier, making them more difficult to move on and off the stage. This feature is important, since generally in a service there are several parts (worship then announcements, then message, then altar call, then more worship etc). So in this situation, a pulpit with a front panel might be OK, but it wouldn't be the best it can be.

So why don't we do a bigger product range, a business model, a sanctuary model for example?
Well, in the future we might. However for us it is important to remain focused on endlessly improving our church pulpits so that they are the best. If we were to start worrying about another market area, we might slow down or stop our improvement on our pulpits for churches.

Unfortunately it's not just a case of designing something and making it. It needs constant improvement. Making a great pulpits for sanctuaries is something that needs ongoing concentration.

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