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Hi and welcome to our website! I am Stephen Procter, head designer and owner of Procson Pulpits.

If you are looking for a pulpit, podium or lectern for your modern and relevant church, you have come to the right place. Procson Pulpits is a specialized business dedicated to providing a unique range of church pulpits designed especially for contemporary churches in Australia and around the world. We export a large amount of our pulpits to churches around the globe. For some years I was privileged to design and make many pieces of church equipment and church furniture for Hillsong Church and other churches throughout Australia.
Back then, it became clear to me that despite a multitude of traditional church supplies, there was a need for a range of pulpits that reflect the needs of vibrant, growing contemporary churches. I began discussing needs with local pastors in Sydney, Australia and started prototyping and testing. The pulpits on this site are the best designs from a large number of prototypes that were built and tested.
Obviously the focal point for much of a church service is the preacher and pulpit. Whether your church meets in a purpose built auditorium or school hall, I hope one of my products may be able to add something to the church experience of your congregation.
And it's not just churches who love them. Many sectors such as schools, universities, law firms, hotels, conference centers, sports auditoriums and production companies use and enjoy them too.
All are designed and made by us and our team, here in Australia. Please have a look, download the pdf brochures and contact us to ask any questions.
Procson is owned and run by my wife Elizabeth and me. We live in Sydney, Australia and have three children. Elizabeth’s father and mother, Mike and Jill Groves run the UK office. Mike and Jill are members of Apex Church in Cowes, IOW, UK. We are always keen to hear the views and thoughts of people around the world about our products, so whether you purchase a pulpit or just peruse one of the websites, please email us your comments.

Elizabeth has a blog about our business and public speaking. Check it out here.
It's fair to say that I am obsessed with quality and good design. Here at our factory in Sydney, I personally oversee the production of all of our pulpits. It is very important to me that our customers are happy. I want our pulpits to last for many years. You may come across someone selling a copy of our pulpit. It may look very similar and be cheaper but please be wary that there are many, MANY problems with the cheap imitations. Click here to go to the FAQ page to see why a cheap copy will cost you more money in the long run! 
Buying a product from us at Procson means buying so much more than a just a product. You are buying an ethos that we are proud of. You are buying something that has years of design and research behind it. You are buying from Pulpit Specialists. We eat, think and dream pulpits! You are buying a design that has been tried, tested, considered, worked and reworked to be the best that it can be. Pastors who could afford any pulpit they like, choose to buy our pulpits, as do a large number of pastors who preach on TV. 
Kind regards,
Stephen Procter 
tel +61 2 9718 0804

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