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Arc2 Pulpit (70cm/28" wide top) and Water Table Package

About this podium and table set (with AR film and covers)

Get free covers when you order this, our most popular combination. 

You will see it at large churches like Hillsong Church and many smaller churches. It is the most popular because while all churches are different, this suits a typical church stage.

More about this church podium and water table set:

Most churches have stage lighting and a projector screen.

This means you need anti reflective film. Most preachers like a drink of water beside them, within easy reach. This means you need a water table. Most preachers prefer the larger 70cm/28" wide top. Click here to learn more about anti reflective film.

If you get the anti reflective film, it is a good idea to get covers too (churches report that most damage occurs to the tops when they are NOT being used by the preacher.) For this reason, we include them free with this package. They are normally $30 each. 
Both the podium and table require assembly for which we provide the tools. Assembly is easy and only takes a few minutes. See below for prices and freight.

Proudly Australian made.

A2 70ar +T1ar+C
Arc2 Pulpit (70cm/28" wide top) and Water Table Package



Freight Prices

$0-100 total order USD $20
$100-500 total order USD $45
$500+ total order USD $85
Express freight - add USD $40

Freight Times

Standard air freight 5-7 days
Express air freight 3-4 days
- Regular orders are sent every Monday and Wednesday US time. Express orders are normally sent immediately.
- US customs are normally very quick, but it may occasionally take extra time to clear customs.
- Freight times are a guide only. Actual times may vary.

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