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Pulpit introduction by owner / designer
Stephen Procter
Arc0 Pulpit USD $350
Our Arc0 range is for the budget conscious. The modern pulpit is stylish and portable, making it convenient to move around. 
Arc1 Pulpit USD $550
The Arc1 pulpit is a cheaper alternative to the Arc2 pulpits.  
Arc2 Podiums From USD $750.00
The Arc2 modern pulpits are the most popular. 64% of them, we send to American churches. Slimline appearance means they are not distracting and yet still light enough to be lifted with one hand. 
Arc3 Pulpit From USD $1050
This is the best pulpit we make. 
While our other designs are more geometric in styling, the new Arc3 is organic and flowing in appearance. We designed a pulpit that was impossible to make. Finally after 2 years we did it!
Modern Church Furniture From USD $425
Water Table, Preachers (tall) Table and Communion Table. Most churches get a water table as well as a pulpit. It is higher than a regular side table which means that you can easily reach it. The Preachers Table is also very popular.
Modern iPad Stands USD $490
An iPad stand for speakers, with an open front so you can get your iPad in and out easily.

The round frame means it suits almost all iPads and tablets in any orientation.
Portable Podium Cases From USD $350
Lightweight road cases, suitable for flying. Versions for the Arc2 podiums and Arc Tables.
Plexiglass Lectern Signboards From USD $170
Add a small or tall signboard to your Arc pulpit. The small signboard has a pocket that allows the sign to be changed easily (you can even print your sign on an A3 piece of paper).
Communion Ware From USD $49
Our modern communion ware consists of a tray and the world's first modern offering container
(replace those pot plant containers!)
Replacement Tops, Covers, Cleaner From USD $25
Pulpit top cleaning liquid, pulpit covers and replacement tops.
Podium Microphones From USD $450
We have tested these podium microphones with our lecterns and can recommend them. The countryman microphone has noise cancelling, so you don't need a shock mount. 
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