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TALL Arc2 pulpit- 70cm/28" wide- anti glare film

About this TALL pulpit:

If you are 6’4” (190cm) or taller, you may find this pulpit more comfortable.

Our regular pulpits are designed to suit a wide range of people, however tall preachers ( 6’4” and above) may find them a bit short.

For many years, we offered a custom height service. We would make custom height pulpits for either very tall, or shorter preachers. However, during this time, we found that more than 90% of custom orders were for a pulpit that was 4” (10cm) taller than normal. This means that the distance from the floor to the bottom of the lip (where the bottom edge of the bible rests) is 44” (111cm).

We decided to streamline this. So rather than having to wait for a pulpit that is 4” (10cm) taller than normal, you can now order it off the shelf. It comes with a thicker base which means greater stability (as a church pulpit becomes higher, it needs more weight at the bottom). You can still lift it with one hand.

How do you decide if this is right for you?
The best way is to set up a music stand to mimic the lectern. Remember, a pulpit top is relatively flat (not a steep angle like a music stand). The reason for this? A preacher normally looks down on their notes, whereas a musician normally reads their music in front of them.

It is good to consider other speakers in your church. This tall pulpit might be good for you, but too tall for them.

Why would you get this instead of the adjustable pulpit?
The adjustable pulpit is heavier, so you can't move it as easily on and off stage. The adjustable pulpit also has a line where the 2 tubes in the stem meet. This makes the fixed height pulpit more streamlined in appearance. In addition, if you get the fixed height pulpit, you always know the height is correct for you- so you don’t need to adjust it each time you go on stage. Some larger churches may purchase 2 pulpits- one taller, and one regular height.


tall A2 70ar
TALL Arc2 pulpit- 70cm/28" wide- anti glare film



Freight Prices

To USA To USA-Express
$0-100 total order USD $40 USD $60
$100-400 total order USD $70 USD $100
$400+ total order USD $90 USD $135

Freight Times

Standard air freight 7-9 days
Express air freight 3-7 days
- Orders are sent every Monday and Thursday. This will affect the freight time.
   For example, if you order on a Thursday afternoon, your order may not be sent until the following Monday.
- US customs are normally very quick, but it may occasionally take extra time to clear customs.
- Freight times are a guide only. Actual times may vary.

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