Modern Podium

Black Arc3 lectern (with Anti Glare finish)


-Organic flowing shape
-Fixed height
-Anti glare finish on top
-70cm/28" wide top
-Stem and base in texture powdercoat
-stability rating 8/10
-Lift with one hand
-Get free covers if ordered together with the black Arc3 water table
-Made in Australia

In detail

Organic, flowing shape

The Arc3 (both in silver and black finishes) is the best pulpit we make. 


Like the Arc2, it is sturdy and yet light enough to be lifted with one hand.
Unlike the Arc2, The Arc3 has a more flowing and modern shape. 
The Arc2 has geometric shapes, like circles, rectangles and cones- like you would have seen in maths at school.
The Arc3 uses elliptical and streamlined shapes. These are often called organic shapes. For example, the shape of the stem flows smoothly into the base.
Of course it’s more difficult to make a fluid organic shape like this. We were told it was impossible to make.

Fixed height

101cm (40”) to the bottom of the lip (thats where the lower edge of the bible rests).
110cm (44”) approximately at the audience side.
Our podiums have a low angle . The test is that you can place a leather covered bible towards the top edge and it will not slide down towards the lip.
A taller version 110cm (44”) to the bottom of the lip is available. Please contact us if you would like this taller version. This may be needed if you are 193cm (6 ft 4”) or taller.

Anti reflective finish on top

Black tinted acrylic with anti glare finish. The acrylic is partly see-through. We tested various levels of transparency to get the best result.  We found this to be a much more appealing finish than opaque black.
You can see the shapes and shadows of items on the pulpit top, but not the detail.
This acrylic is custom made for us (we buy a lot each time).
The anti glare finish is a light texture on the top face of the acrylic. This is particularly important if you have a projector screen behind the preacher (most churches do). This has the same effect as anti glare film (like on our silver (stainless steel) pulpits). Click here for more information on anti reflective film.
The gloss underside of the top, means that it works best on a stage with a black floor. If you use a persian carpet on your stage, unfortunately  you may see the pattern reflected on the underside of the pulpit top.

70cm wide top

Top dimensions:
70cm wide x 45cm deep (same as the Arc2 70cm / 28” wide).  
This is normally enough space for a large book of notes and a bible to sit side by side. 
If you use an iPad, the iPad looks small on the large top. This can help give the appearance of being a minimalist (and tidy) preacher.

Stem and base in texture powdercoat

Painted in texture black powder coat. This is a durable finish that is baked on. 
The texture finish has 2 advantages
- it is more difficult to scratch
- it has a modern matt appearance (like expensive matt finishes you can get on cars)
Underneath the black texture paint is stainless steel. One of the problems with painted finishes on regular steel, is that the steel can rust, making the paint flake. Stainless steel will not rust, so this will not happen. Its much more expensive for us to make it this way, but we want your church pulpit to last.
If you do manage to make a scratch in the paint, you could touch it up using a sharpie marker.

Stability rating 8/10

We put in a lot of engineering effort and made many prototypes to make it as stable as possible
Designed to be as stable and solid feeling as possible, yet unlike most other pulpits, you can lift it easily.

Lift with one hand

It is light enough to carry with one hand. Stage managers often carry the pulpit on stage with one hand, and the water table with the other. Picking up by the stem is better, but picking up by the top is also ok.
If you are carrying the pulpit- please turn the top sideways. A doorway is only 80cm/32" wide, and the pulpit top is 70cm/ 28" wide- so its easy to hit into the door frame if you are not careful. Enough doorways hits will weaken the top, possibly causing it to crack (we sell replacement tops in the unlikely event this happens- see the tops page).

Made In Australia

Although it looks simple, it’s complicated to make. To do  something this complex requires our own custom made machines and special set ups. It requires constant checking to make sure everything is done correctly. Thats why we make it in our own factory, and by using engineers with specialised machines.


If you break a top within 12 months (unlikely), the replacment top is half price. Stem and base warranty 12 months. We expect you will use this for 20 years.


They come flat (keeps the parts safer and avoids the cost of sending air). They require assembly. We provide the tools and we expect it to take you less than 5 minutes.

The story behind the Arc3

Although still modern, to us the Arc2 lectern was looking a bit long in the tooth. We tried 17 times to design a better lectern than the Arc2. 16 times our customers said they preferred the Arc2. It was fruitless and exhausting. Finally Stephen designed a lectern shape that was amazing looking but impossible to make. We spent thousands of dollars and many hours painstakingly hand making one. Our select customers loved it. They wanted to buy it. We had to find a way to make it at a reasonable price. 

We spent 2 years trial and error working out how to make it. It was impossible to make using conventional machines, so we had to make our own machines. We made machines from a metal cutting flame throwing torch, windscreen wiper motors from tractors, and more conventional parts. In the process, we had 11 suppliers say that various parts were not possible to make, produced 436 design drawings, and we set fire to a tree.
A3 70bl
Black Arc3 lectern (with Anti Glare finish)



Freight Prices

To USA To USA-Express
$0-100 total order USD $40 USD $60
$100-400 total order USD $70 USD $100
$400+ total order USD $90 USD $135

Freight Times

Standard air freight 7-9 days
Express air freight 3-7 days
- Orders are sent every Monday and Thursday. This will affect the freight time.
   For example, if you order on a Thursday afternoon, your order may not be sent until the following Monday.
- US customs are normally very quick, but it may occasionally take extra time to clear customs.
- Freight times are a guide only. Actual times may vary.

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