Offering Containers - A Modern Church Plate

Offering Container - A Modern Church Plate

About this offering container: 

Take a guess at the one item that we here at Procson have been asked for the most, over the last 7 years?

The answer is…an offering container, also known as a church plate! So many people would ask us about an update to the ‘Pentecostal plant pot container’ that so many modern churches are currently using to take the offering. So after much research, prototyping and investigating, this was our solution.
So here are the reasons we think you should consider getting our offering containers:
  • As one church leader told us, “it’s embarrassing to ask people to put their money into a plant pot container”
  • The peanut shape is ergonomically designed to make them easy to grip on the outside, even for children
  • They are 18cm high, so large envelopes was disappear inside
  • They are textured on the outside to stop them jamming into one another when they are stacked
  • The walls are 4 times thicker than the standard plant pot container, so they will last
  • They are made from polypropylene, one of the most sustainable types of plastic around. It is great for recycling
  • They do not have any holes, so coins won’t fall through
  • A lid is available to stop ‘withdrawals’
  • It will fit in with your Swirla communion trays 
  • Comes without lid. Click here for option with lid
Offering Container - A Modern Church Plate



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