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Replacement top for Arc Water table/Preachers table - AG Film

About a replacement pulpit perspex top for Arc Water Table/Preachers (Tall) table 50cm/20” diameter – anti glare:

About this top:

1. 50cm/20" in diameter. Round (not oval).

2. Has anti glare film (not clear like a window). What is anti glare film? Click here to find out. 

3. For Arc Water table or Arc (tall) preachers table.

4. If you unscrew the badge, you should see a sticker that says: T1ar

More information:

We know that accidents happen. In the unlikely event that your table top is broken or damaged, you can purchase a replacement top. The top comes with the tools to change it over. This takes less than 5 minutes.

top T1 ar
Replacement top for Arc Water table/Preachers table - AG Film



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