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Pulpit Cleaner 500ml/ 17fl.oz

How do you care for your pulpit?

It is important to remember that the pulpit top (acrylic) and pulpit base (stainless steel) need different methods for cleaning. Carrying the pulpit correctly can also help preserve the life of the top.

How do you clean your pulpit top? 
1. Procson Pulpit top Cleaner.
This contains Kunst-stoff which is recommended by the Australian acrylic industry. Kunst-stoff is a German made anti static cleaning liquid. Each bottle is 500ml/17fl.oz. Please do not use Windex or window cleaner on the pulpit top because these often contains chemicals that can damage the pulpit top.
2. Isopropyl alcohol.
This is often used in hospitals to clean wounds, so you can purchase this from a pharmacy or chemist. In the USA it can be purchased it from Walgreens and Walmart. You can see some options in the pictures above. It comes in various strengths. Normally from 50% to 100%. We recommend 50%, but all are fine.
Please don’t use Isopropyl alcohol on the edges of the pulpit top. Just use it just on the surfaces. If used on the edge, it can sometimes cause ‘crazing’ (a reaction with the acrylic edge).

How do I clean the pulpit base?
Amazingly we don’t find stainless steel cleaners very helpful. There are better ways.
1. Firstly try to rub any marks with your finger.
2. The next option is to use a Staedtler brand eraser. Just rub out the mark. We find this Staedtler brand good but not other brands. Other brands tend to just make a smudge.
3. Thirdly you can use a foam pad (like the Mr clean pads in the picture above). These are good for giving the whole base a clean. 

How do I carry the pulpit?
It is best to pick up the pulpit or table from the stem. We put many hours of research into making them as light as possible, so this is normally fairly easy.
Next best is to use 2 hands to pick the pulpit up from the top. This is not as good however, as there is a tendency to leave fingerprints.

Importantly- please don’t bang the pulpit top into a doorway as you go through. Doorways are the number one enemy of pulpit tops! Small repeated bangs may end up with the pulpit cracking on stage. The preacher will think its their fault, but it was the small bangs into doorways that caused it. If you have the wider top (70cm/ 28”), try to carry the pulpit sideways as you go through.

You can download our ‘Pulpit Lift and Care’ pdf here: Download church lectern lifting and care brochure.

Sorry! At the moment we can only send this within Australia (courier restrictions.)

cleaner 500ml
Pulpit Cleaner 500ml/ 17fl.oz



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