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Replacement top for Arc2 - 70cm/28" wide- AG Film - Mic

About this top:

1. 70cm/28" wide (not 60cm/24" wide)

2. Has Anti Glare Film on it (not like a clear window) with microphone inputs. What is anti glare film?
Click here to find out. 

3. For Arc2 (newer) pulpit.
This means that the badge at the top is 2.5” / 6.3cm diameter.
(The badge is the shiny disk in the middle of the top with 'PROCSON NEW GENERATION PULPITS' on it)

4. Only buy this if you have the Arc2 with microphone mounts.

More information:

We know that accidents happen. In the unlikely event that your podium top is broken or damaged, you can purchase a replacement top. The top comes with a tool to change it over. Regular tops are very quick to change over. However, because this is for the Arc2 with microphone mounts, it is not quick and easy. It takes some time and requires some skill to change the top.

In more detail
This is a replacement top for the Arc2 with Microphone mounts. Your pulpit needs to have microphone mounts to buy this top.

top A2 70ar Mic
Replacement top for Arc2 - 70cm/28" wide- AG Film - Mic



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Freight Times

Standard air freight 7-9 days
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- Orders are sent every Monday and Thursday. This will affect the freight time.
   For example, if you order on a Thursday afternoon, your order may not be sent until the following Monday.
- US customs are normally very quick, but it may occasionally take extra time to clear customs.
- Freight times are a guide only. Actual times may vary.

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