Buying our Church Lecterns

church lecterns

How long will it take?

We are constantly making batches of our church lecterns and tables.

We generally send out our orders for church lecterns on a Thursday (Wednesday in the USA). Freight time is usually about 4 days. If you have an early deadline, please let us know- we will try to meet it. At other times when there is unexpected demand, there may be a lead time of 1 week. This will depend on our manufacturing cycle and the number of orders we receive. Please let us know if you have a conference, pastors birthday, sanctuary opening or other special event. We will certainly do our best to have one of our church lecterns to you in time!

How to order

1. E-mail us saying what you would like (see the e-mail address above next to the logo)
Please let us know:
-Church or company name if you have one
-Delivery address and open hours (this address needs to be attended weekdays)
-Contact tel numbers (US customs and the courier company need this)
-Pulpit type (Arc, Arc Adjust)
-Pulpit size: 60cm/24" wide or 70cm/28" wide
-If you would like anti reflective film
-If you would like covers
-If convenient- your charity number or sales tax exemption number if you have this

2. We will then e-mail you an invoice to pay by check, internet transfer or credit card (visa or mastercard only)

3. Pay the invoice

4. We send your order

How to Pay

1. By 'Wire'.

You can do this by going to your bank and paying the money directly into our account with Ozforex at the Bank of New York (some banks allow you to do this over the internet), This is a good way to pay because the account you are paying into is in the USA. Details are on the invoice.

2. Send a Check

Checks can be US dollars, made out to 'Procson Pty Ltd' (personal checks are fine). Post to Australia costs about $1.15 and takes about 5 days. Many churches post us a check (in US dollars). Personal checks are fine. Thats an advantage of being an American, US dollars are accepted all over the world!

3. Credit Cards

Details will be on the invoice. We use a system called Pin payments. Please see the link on the invoice.
Some US banks may occasionally block the transactions (great they are so safety conscious, but not so good in our case!), you will get a message saying 'card declined' or something similar. If this happens, please call your bank and ask them to allow it, then try again.
Sometimes paying in 2 smaller amounts will help (for example if your bank has a $1000 limit per transaction).
We don't charge any credit card fees.
We would like to use Paypal, but for some reason they charge Australian sellers a much higher commission than American sellers. This makes Paypal uneconomical.

US Customs

Australia has a free trade agreement with the USA

Because of this, there should not be any duty charged by US customs. Occasionally they may contact you or try to charge duty (Australia is an unimportant country and the customs workers forget about the free trade agreement). If this does happen, you may need to provide proof to US customs that you are a church/ charity. To avoid state sales tax, you may need to let them know your sales tax exemption number. You may also need to remind customs that Australia and the USA have a free trade agreement. This has been in place since the Iraq war. Please let us know your charity/sales tax exempt number if you have it handy- it is mostly not needed, but is helpful just in case.

Delivery time

1. Regular TNT/DHL airfreight

Door to door courier: 3-5 days to most USA destinations.
This is the freight price listed on this website (some smaller items are posted airmail: 1-2 weeks)

2. Premium TNT/DHL airfreight

Door to door courier: 2-3 days to most USA destinations
If you need your order particularly quickly, you can upgrade to premium TNT airfreight courier by adding US$70 for each pulpit and US$30 for each table to the regular freight cost.


The box looks like a large corrugated card briefcase with a handle on top (see picture at the top of this page)

Our church lecterns pack flat. This makes them cheaper to send and avoids damage in transit (can you imagine how big the box would need to be if they didn't pack down- there would be so much air!). The box is surprisingly small. The Arc AND table fit into the box shown above. It is 41" long x 4 " wide x 21" high. The Arc church lecterns and tables are easy to assemble. A Korean customer once commented that the person assembling theirs couldn't read the instructions (they couldn't speak english), but had it assembled in 9 minutes.

If you are attending the Hillsong conference, Colour conference, Mens conference or are otherwise in Sydney, let us know. We can arrange to get one of our church lecterns to you, so you can check it in for your return flight. Because the box has a handle, and both pulpit and table fit into one box, they are easy to take with you.